I’ve been working hard…

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Very, very serious.


Website update: Should be done in a week or so. I’ve been busy planning shoots for next week. I will keep you guys updated!

A trip to the Tsawwassen Sunset

posted by on 2009.09.13, under Miscellaneous

I went to get some quick shots with my friends at Tsawwassen yesterday. Lots of mosquitoes and got some bites too but it was worth it. The sunset was just beautiful. Most of the sunset shots are straight out of the camera. Enjoy :)

Portfolio website will be postponed…

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Sorry guys, I don’t have the time to finish the website on time. Once I have some time, I’ll finish it up!

Update: September 13, 2009

I’m trying my best to get my website back online. I have a few people asking me already. There’s a few things I have to finish up before uploading it. Give me another 2-3 weeks and I’ll get it online asap.