Jordan Fok’s 1990 Mazda Miata

posted by on 2010.11.01, under Automotive, photoshoot

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll find this car familiar. I shot this car just a year ago and the owner wants a reshoot. My approach of shooting this car is quite different than my previous shoots. I shot this on a rainy day with mostly natural lighting.

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Excellent photos, Matt! You should contribute to our Owners Group on Flickr. Here’s the link:

Hubert ( 2010/11/13 at 12:40 pm )

no problem :) thanks!

rikaro ( 2010/11/13 at 1:08 pm )

AWS pictures …

wich post traitment do you use for the prictures?
the lights reflection is so perfect, so what are you doing for this photos ???? o_O

MigOneCorp ( 2010/12/10 at 3:25 am )

hey man nice miata, I’ve been looking for those red gauges everywhere could you please let me know where you got them from?? thanks

alberto bonilla ( 2011/04/07 at 4:25 pm )

ask bikerx on club roadster!

rikaro ( 2011/04/07 at 6:51 pm )

I own and photograph a 1989 Mazda MX-5 and I must say I know just how good those photographs are. It is an easy car to shoot but to make it look new and different takes great skill. Good work!

Martin ( 2011/06/18 at 2:46 pm )

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