Here I am, again.

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“It’s been a long time since the last update” is how I usually start my blog entries.

There’s been quite a bit of changes for the past few months. The previous entry of reworking on the blog was left aside. Now here’s the real deal.

I’ve been working with Austin (a buddy of mine) and started a new local automotive blog. Instead of working with another group of friends, we decided that it would be best to run the blog ourselves because our goals and views for the blog are rather different.

When we started OTC, things wasn’t quite what we expected. Our group of 4 people went down to 2, and neither of us had enough experience with blogging. So at first to me it seemed like I would just start off OTC, set up the basics and let Austin do the rest. OTC to me is not trying to become competitive with other local automotive bloggers. It’s not looking to become the most popular local blog. I want the blog to promote what the northwest automotive culture is like. It’s to get to know local enthusiasts alike. It’s to promote motorsports. It’s my way to help keep the sport alive.

Anyway, so after a few weeks OTC was running and I started working on my own stuff. When I am talking about my “own stuff”, I’m talking about my wedding photography. Previously I had shot quite a few weddings but had my priorities into automotive photography. It wasn’t until last year that I’ve decided to put more effort into shooting weddings. For many reasons I used to convince myself not to shoot weddings. It’s something that I always wanted to do but I guess it’s because everyone is doing it so my mind automatically tells me NOT jump on the bandwagon.

Long story short. I will be shooting less cars now. Any of the car related stuff would go on OTC instead. As for the wedding site, I’m currently working on it but I’m still missing a name. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! The website will be posted when it’s ready.

So what am I going to do with this blog? You ask. I think this might become my very own personal blog. You will hear more of my voice. May be more photography and personal related things.

This is most likely my longest post yet, and definitely won’t be the last one!




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