Sunset at Iona Beach

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straight out of camera :)


A little inspiration for you all

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A quick blog post from my iPhone. Here’s a little experience from me that I wanted to share. I’ve know a lot of people who always want the latest and the greatest especially when it comes to photo gears. Sometimes all these gears and hype in technology covers up what the tools originally intended to do. I went to steveston yesterday and all I’ve bought was my phone. I’m a little disappointed to have left my camera at home but I’m still glad that my phone did what i need it to do. All the shots were taken with the iPhone 3gs and I’m happy to say the memories are captured and kept.

Random Downtown Vancouver Snaps

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More Random shots of DT Vancouver during the Olympics

A few days before Vancouver Olympics 2010 (part 2)

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Some quick snap shots of downtown, Vancouver.

A few days before Vancouver Olympics 2010

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(excuse my horrible English) Since I do live in Vancouver, I’ll talk a little about the Vancouver Winter Olympics starting on Feb 12, 2010. In most cases, none of us are too excited about the Olympics due to closed down roads, increased security and heavy traffic. However, a friend of mine insisted today would be sunny and we should just snap some random shots of downtown before everything goes crazy.

New Business Cards

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I’ve been really busy lately. I’ll be updating the blog more when I can find some extra time!

Did a new batch of business cards and got them printed from blitzgear. Great prices and I got them within 2 days. Thumbs up to them.


E36 1920 x 1080 Full HD wallpaper

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I have quite a few requests for wallpaper size for some of the shots. I’ve resized this rig shot of the M3 for you guys! Enjoy and have a happy new year!

1920  x 1080

Please right click the link or the image and save as to download the wallpaper.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Here’s a pic of my car with some christmas colors on it haha. :) Not the fanciest car but enjoy! Will be out of time in new years so hopefully I’ll update some new photos when I get back.



Assisting for Ben Lee shooting for String Magazine

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I was assisting for Ben Lee on a editorial photoshoot for String Magazine. Had the day assisting, shooting short clips and quick stills.

Pretty model and expensive clothing make us all happy :)




Photoshoot of Jeff Ho’s BMW E36 M3 Part II

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I haven’t been shooting much because Vancouver’s weather is dipping below the freezing point

However I did get to finish off Jeff’s M3 with a few rig shots before he stores it for the winter.