Photoshoot of Jeff Ho’s BMW E36 M3

posted by on 2009.11.04, under Automotive, photoshoot

Shot this M3 the same day. One JDMed M3 with Bride seats. Owner had a set of Advan RS as well but he’s being slightly washed by the euro hype lately and hence the BBS instead.


Photoshoot of Arthur Lam’s 2007 Subaru STi

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shot this sti the other day. This home built monster is dynoed at 511awhp. Only 1 photo for now.


UPDATED: Nov 4, 2009

And a video to go with it:

STi short pull

Photoshoot on JFok’s 1990 Mazda Miata

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Sorry I’ve been busy lately because of school and work. I didn’t have time to finish my website since there’s also some technical stuff in the way. I might upload my previous website with updated photos. Anyway I did went and shot my friend’s miata. Hellaflush + recaros = yummmmm


I’ve been working hard…

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Very, very serious.


Website update: Should be done in a week or so. I’ve been busy planning shoots for next week. I will keep you guys updated!

A trip to the Tsawwassen Sunset

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I went to get some quick shots with my friends at Tsawwassen yesterday. Lots of mosquitoes and got some bites too but it was worth it. The sunset was just beautiful. Most of the sunset shots are straight out of the camera. Enjoy :)

Portfolio website will be postponed…

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Sorry guys, I don’t have the time to finish the website on time. Once I have some time, I’ll finish it up!

Update: September 13, 2009

I’m trying my best to get my website back online. I have a few people asking me already. There’s a few things I have to finish up before uploading it. Give me another 2-3 weeks and I’ll get it online asap.

Finally picked up my book!

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Well, it’s my bro that drove all the way from Vancouver, BC to Blaine, WA to pick it up. Props to him. Took it awhile before the book came in.

200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide is one of the most inspiring books I came by this year. A must buy if love advertising/commercial photography. The book breaks down into different sections (Animal, Life, Transportation, Portrait etc.) and are just pictures on every page. I haven’t really gone through the whole book yet so there’s nothing much I can say about it.

Adon’s G35 Photoshoot

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Did on shoot with Adon’s G25 the other day at the Richmond Oval. Really liked how some of them turned out. Enjoy! :)

Drag DR16 with Skunk2 exntended lug nuts

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Nothing too special. Artsy shot of my bro’s new rim and lug nut pick ups.

Drag DR16 and Skunk2 lug nuts

Drag DR16 and Skunk2 lug nuts

Gift from Canon

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Wow I can’t believe I would actually own one. This was made for Canon’s 30 million’s EF lenses made from 1987-2006.






If you have not seen or heard of this before, the lens and camera body are removable.
I’m testing out one of LR2 plugin to export pictures to my blog. Seems like it’s working well. plug in is made by Timothy Armes. I have used many of his plugins and they work exceptionally well. Click here to see his plugin page.