October 31 2012 – Blog Revamp

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Hey all,

It’s been awhile since there have been any updates on my blog. With many things going on with my life like setting up my wedding photography business for next season as well as working full-time during the day I seem to be swamped with keeping you guys updated.

I’ve been recently talking to a few friends of mine about a new blog, with improved content and a wider variety of cars. Myself being one person can only cover so much media so I’ve decided to team up with a few guys Alberta. You might recognize them, so low and behold stay tuned for our new blog coming soon!

“The Winter Package” wallpaper series

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Wallpapers as promised :) The “winter package” idea came up when I was looking for photos. Shot a lot of white cars in 2011 haha.

1920×1200. Enjoy!

It’s not the equipment.

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Sometimes I’m still amazed of just how much a little camera inside a phone can do. Excuse me with my coffee obsession ;)

Shot with Iphone 3Gs, processed with Instagram.


Start of a New Year

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Happy New Year guys! I’ve been out of town again for New Years to Abbotsford, BC. Saw this amazing sunset on new years. I must say it’s been the BEST (yes the BEST) sunset I’ve ever taken a shot off. Too bad it’s not shot at the most amazing location, but regardless it was just nice watching it.

I know 2010 has been a great year, and a rough one to some, but all in all, thank you for all your support and Matt Kwok photography will continue to strive for the best and deliver the highest quality possible. A few shoots are on the way already so please come back and be updated! Visit my Facebook page if you haven’t already!

Please support me!

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A little big of an update from me. I’ve been busy shooting as usual but recently I also joined one of my local photography contest.

These are my 3 submission shots. I was pretty confident that these are winning shots but unfortunately the voting method is by facebook “Likes”. My unpopularity on facebook is a big disadvantage. My only support is from you guys.

Here’s how you can vote for me:

1. “Like” the following link here

2. “Like” any of these photos you like by clicking on the photos below and press “Like” on Facebook

3. Comment on “next jessel girl” for your favorite model and “hot ride” for the hottest ride!

4. Share to others with the buttons below!

By all means if you think you should vote for the others too if you think they’re great!

I’ll be uploaded the originals if I win the contest!

Crossprocess photos from iphone

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Some new addition of photos shot with my iPhone, processed with crossprocess ($0.99 from the app store)

Iphone quicky

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Shot this a few days ago. Quick photo from my phone.

My own Spring Break

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Been through a lot lately. Things were picking up and I was busy shooting again. I was stressed out a bit lately so I thought “hey, I should just take a break and drive and shoot around.” So I took a day off work (and by that I mean NO work at all). I went to White Rock early for an early brunch, then went to Steveston and chilled for a while. I then went out for a coffee with my laptop in the evening.

When I went home, I said this to myself: “I need to do this more often.” I’ve been shooting quite a bit since last summer and haven’t really been stopping down till early Feb of this year. Things picked up again during May and I realized that I’ve never really fully relaxed myself when I had free time. It was quite a eye opener to myself.

I had been shooting so much paid work at a point where I was a little scared that I was doing it just to pay the bills. I took a step back  and realized that I was pushing myself forward so much that I wasn’t enjoying life all that much. Now picking up the camera is now an enjoyment again :)

Enjoy the photos :)

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Sky of seagulls

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Photo shot with the iPhone 3gs, processed with app “camerabag”

A little inspiration for you all

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A quick blog post from my iPhone. Here’s a little experience from me that I wanted to share. I’ve know a lot of people who always want the latest and the greatest especially when it comes to photo gears. Sometimes all these gears and hype in technology covers up what the tools originally intended to do. I went to steveston yesterday and all I’ve bought was my phone. I’m a little disappointed to have left my camera at home but I’m still glad that my phone did what i need it to do. All the shots were taken with the iPhone 3gs and I’m happy to say the memories are captured and kept.