Crossprocess photos from iphone

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Some new addition of photos shot with my iPhone, processed with crossprocess ($0.99 from the app store)

Iphone quicky

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Shot this a few days ago. Quick photo from my phone.

Sky of seagulls

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Photo shot with the iPhone 3gs, processed with app “camerabag”

A little inspiration for you all

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A quick blog post from my iPhone. Here’s a little experience from me that I wanted to share. I’ve know a lot of people who always want the latest and the greatest especially when it comes to photo gears. Sometimes all these gears and hype in technology covers up what the tools originally intended to do. I went to steveston yesterday and all I’ve bought was my phone. I’m a little disappointed to have left my camera at home but I’m still glad that my phone did what i need it to do. All the shots were taken with the iPhone 3gs and I’m happy to say the memories are captured and kept.